Packaging That Sells

The Drake // Chicago, IL

Fall // 2018


Why should a Brand care whose printing plates they use?

A printing quality improvement journey powered by Kodak FLEXCEL NX SYSTEM

Doug Weiss, Brand Support Manager, Kodak
Lionel Carrasco, Packaging Development Manager, Nomad Foods Europe


As the largest frozen food producers in Europe, Nomad Foods was looking to understand why sales for some of their brands had been performing below expectations. With a European wide supply chain, factories, and suppliers, and several well-known brands, it was realized that some brands and formats were under performing while others were not. After studying the trends and competitive situation they realized that it was their packaging, or more specifically the printing of their packaging, that was the problem. This presentation will outline the factors that influenced Nomad Foods. They will take us along on the journey that they took and see the aggressive campaign they underwent to find the right brand image redesign, the right printing process, and the unique and differentiated technology that made it all possible.



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