Packaging That Sells

The Drake // Chicago, IL

Fall // 2018

How Clear Packaging Creates Opportunities for Brands

Annie Ham, Director of Marketing, McCall Farms
Steven Gendreau, Segment VP - Food & Beverage, Sonoco Products Company

Big food companies having been losing shoppers’ trust and brand loyalty. This has also been happening under the umbrella of a shopping shift from the center-of-the-store, to the fresh perimeter. This presentation will address how the use of clear packaging, such as a clear plastic can, can breathe new life into the center-of-the-store, into the shopper perception of canned food and into shopper perceptions of an ascending food brand. In 2016, Sonoco partnered with McCall Farms to introduce their new line of premium, Southern-style, slow-cooked bean products under their new Glory Farms brand. This introduction included the use of a fully-retortable, clear plastic can from Sonoco. McCall Farms saw this as an opportunity to introduce a new product line with packaging that supported its value proposition of fresh, natural products, while also reinforcing its brand positioning, and driving clear differentiation. This presentation covers not only the marketing aspects, but also the technology, design, innovation and manufacturing components.


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