Packaging That Sells

The Drake // Chicago, IL

Fall // 2018

What Women Want…to See, Feel, and Understand About Brand Packaging!

Terri Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer, The Goldstein Group


While a women’s median income has soared 63 percent over the past 20 years, those earning more than $100,000 have doubled in a decade and 28 percent of women now earn more than their husbands. While women make 85 percent of all supermarket, drugstore and department store purchases, less than 30 percent of character trademarks in the retail landscape are female. Goldstein will reveal the quandary corporate America finds itself in regarding how to target their brand packaging to women:

  • See how “her” visual territories are different from “his” - he is on a mission, she is on an exploration.
  • Conduct research to uncover how she creates verbal and visual recall for the brands she consumes. Learn how to use these accurately to develop entry points for verbal branding.
  • Learn how to remove 50% of the words from the marketing deck and transform into a motivational story line that she can share with her "village" of women.


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