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Chicago, IL

October 8 - 10 // 2018

Monday, October 23

Monday, October 23

5:30 pm- 7:30 pm

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5:30 pm- 7:30 pm

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Leveraging Human Factors and Consumer Behavior Theory in Packaging Design

Sara Shumpert, Managing Director, The Packaging School

The average grocery store has 39,500 products and the average super center has 120,000. How can you disrupt the shelf and stand out from the rest? The answer is knowing and utilizing human factors, also known as ergonomics. No matter our culture, our language, our color, or our gender – human factors are the psychological and sociological ways that we are all hard-wired. How we perceive, think and act.

We will discuss over 60 examples of human factors, such as figure ground relationships, geometric rules, and design hierarchy techniques, all with references to modern packaging design. This presentation will provide insights into how humans use our senses to process the information we are bombarded with every day. You will get the tools needed to incorporate disruption into your packaging design and encourage the bottom-up processing that will make your package jump off the shelf.

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